Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading with a Reliable Korean Partner!

cryptocurrency_logosDo you want to buy or sell your cryptocurrency coins in the Korean market?
Then please contact us.

We handle Bitcoin(BTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), Bitcoin gold(BTG), Ethereum(ETH), Ethereum Classic(ETC), Ripple(XRP), iota,  Quantum(QTUM), Lite coin(LTC) etc.

We do with LEGAL methods.
As of now, there is no regulation against coin arbitrage in Korea. But sending funds for cryptocurrency trading from Korea via foreign exchange is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE since all banks don’t allow funds transfers for that purpose.

However, below procedures are LEGAL.

1) send your coins -> sell them thru us -> get paid with an actual trading of other items rather than FIAT money

2) send high-spread coins -> sell them thru us -> get paid with low-spread coins

3) send your coins -> sell them thru us -> transfer the money to your Korean bank account (if you have)

4) send money to us -> buy coins thru us -> get the coins (when Korean market prices are lower than yours)

5) pay with cryptocurrency coins for our services

You can check Korean market coin prices here.
You can check KRW(Korean Won) exchange rates here.
All procedures will be followed up via email communications with proof of buying/selling screenshots.
Don’t be afraid about a scam and please refer to our company documents provided at the bottom of each page.